VMcard™ for cross-border micro payment

VMcard™ Prepaid Mastercard®

Virtual card issued by MasterCard®

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VMcard™ Prepaid virtual card, designed for cross-border shoppers, online service subscription, single use payment, etc.
Online apply, instant virtual card issuing, no hidden fees, no credit check and overdraft risk
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Use Case

Simplify your cross-border online payment by using our VMcard™ Prepaid virtual card.

Pay for Online Ads fees

Is too complex to pay for Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads fees? Use VMcard™ Prepaid Card to simplify the process and spend management.

Cross-border online shopping

Worry about credit card fraud when shopping online? Use our VMcard™ Prepaid Card with spend limit to reduce credit card fraud significantly.

Travel Payment

Worry about personal information leaks when pre-order overseas hotels online? Use our VMcard™ Prepaid card, instantly customize card balance and set expiration at any time.

Add to Google Pay/Apple Pay

Looking for a Mastercard& VISA card for adding to Google Pay/Apple Pay? VMcard™ Prepaid card is perfect for all your needs.

Online Subscription

Don't want to use your credit card for online subscription? VMcard™ Prepaid card supports almost all the online subscriptions like Netflex,Shopify,Youtube, etc.

Customer Loyalty Voucher

Generate customized VMcard™ Prepaid card and sent to selected customers. By setting up available balance, expiration and allowed marchant to drive customer loyalty.


Registered Users


VMcard™ Prepaid Card


Micro Transactions

How to Apply

You can create customized VMcard™ virtual card with only 3 steps. Register account online, online KYC process, customize your virtual card.

Simplify your online payment with VMcard™

Traditional credit card apply is complex, requiring long time and a lot of paperworks. We simplify the whole process. Easy to create VMcard™ virtual card, customize your card, delete&frozen your card, lookup transaction record.

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VMcard™ virtual card is perfect for overseas shopping, online service subscription, hotel booking, etc.

Simplify and secure online payment with VMcard™ virtual card now.

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